Front-End Web Development

IMC Business Architecture

March 2020

I held the position of Front-End Developer at IMC Business Architecture development agency from April 2019 to March 2020.

IMC clients

Please note that the exact nature of the work is confidential; a list of clients shown on the IMC Business Architecture site are highlighted below.

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Wellwise by Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart
Visit Orlando

User interface & development

As a part of the Engineering team at IMC, I worked closely with product managers and designers to fulfill the front-end development needs for client projects. The key tools used were Adobe XD, Visual Studio, Git, BrowserStack, Azure DevOps, 7Pace Timetracker, CSS/LESS/BEM, Chrome Lighthouse, screen readers, and Agility CMS.

Through the use of browser comparison tools and front-end testing, I worked with the senior front-end developer to create web applications for games and campaigns, as well as resolving client requests. By reviewing Adobe XD prototypes created by the design team with tools like Color Contrast Analyzer and knowledge of WCAG principles, I gave feedback on new designs. Often the designs required building and styling new components from scratch with bilingual requirements in mind. Files exported from Adobe XD and assets provided by the client were prepared for development and deployment, with special attention to brand requirements.

From January to February 2020, I contributed to an internal research project to build an user interface component library in React using Storybook and styled-components. Because I had previously worked on projects at IMC using the Nebular UI kit with Angular, as well as Material UI in React, I recommended tools that could bridge the gap between the intensive custom CSS styling of some client projects, and reusability.

Alcina Wong

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